Apple’s iOS 17 Update to Include Smart Display Feature for Locked iPhones and Other Enhancements

Apple's upcoming iOS 17 update is set to include a new feature that can turn locked iPhones into smart displays, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The new lock screen view will show up when a locked iPhone is positioned horizontally and will display information about the weather, calendar appointments, and more in the style of a smart home display.[0] The display will use a black background with bright text that pops out, making it easier to read from a distance.[1] Apple is also reportedly working on a new horizontal interface for the iPad, but it's been slower to make major changes to that device.[2]

In addition to the new lock screen feature, iOS 17 will bring several other updates. The Wallet app is set to receive significant changes, while enhancements are planned for location services.[3] A dedicated journaling app is also in the works, designed to help users log their thoughts and add note-taking and a stronger social element to the device. Along with these updates, Apple is working on improving SharePlay, which lets users stream TV shows, movies, and music in sync with friends and family while on a FaceTime call together.[4]

Apple has been in discussions with hotels and other venues to make it easier to AirPlay content to TVs and devices they do not own.[5] The company is also planning to introduce new features for logging mood and coping with weak vision.[6] The Health app is set to make the jump over to iPadOS, allowing iPad owners to view their health-related data even when their iPhone is unavailable.[7]

The iOS 17 smart display feature is intended to give a smart display-like functionality to iPhones when not in use. The idea is to make iPhones more useful when they're lying on a person's desk or nightstand.[8] While third-party developers like Day One have long offered journaling platforms for iOS devices, Apple's journaling app is anticipated to offer similar capabilities and integrate with a mood tracking feature that Apple also has planned for iOS 17.

Overall, iOS 17 is expected to bring new features to iPhone users, and Apple is set to announce the update at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. With significant changes planned for various apps and services, iOS 17 is likely to further enhance the user experience for iPhone and iPad users.

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