Critical Android Bug Prompts Samsung Users to Update Devices

Samsung users have been warned to update their devices or risk being hacked due to a critical flaw in the Android operating system.[0] Google, the owner and developer of this software, has just released a patch to fix a number of vulnerabilities, one of which has been rated as ‘critical’.[1] If exploited, this bug could allow cyber criminals to gain remote access to devices and install malware.[2]

Google Project Zero revealed 18 potential zero-day vulnerabilities in some phones using Samsung's Exynos modems.[3] Of those, four allow hackers to remotely compromise the user's phone by just knowing their phone number.[4] Google claims that experienced attackers would be able to “quickly create an operational exploit to compromise affected devices silently and remotely.”[5]

Samsung Semiconductor has published an advisory containing a list of Exynos chipsets which are vulnerable to these issues.[6] On the basis of information obtained from public sources, the following devices are likely to be affected: Samsung S22, M33, M13, M12, A71, A53, A33, A21, A13, A12 and A04 series; any wearables that use the Exynos W920 chipset; and any vehicles that use the Exynos Auto T5123 chipset.[7]

Tim Willis, Head of Project Zero, said, “Due to a very rare combination of the level of access these vulnerabilities provide and the speed with which we believe a reliable operational exploit could be crafted, we have decided to make a policy exception to delay disclosure for the four vulnerabilities that allow for Internet-to-baseband remote code execution.”[8] The remaining 14 vulnerabilities are not considered as severe, as they “require either a malicious mobile network operator or an attacker with local access to the device.”[9]

Google has addressed one of the issues in the March 2023 Patch for its Pixel devices, but patch timelines will vary per manufacturer.[3] Until affected manufacturers push software updates to their customers, Google recommends switching off Wi-Fi calling and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in their device settings, which will “remove the exploitation risk of these vulnerabilities.”[10]

Samsung has released a major security update that fixes the Android operating system flaw. The update also fixes 39 bugs from Google and another 11 that are specific to Samsung devices.[11]

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