Google Photos Introduces Magic Editor: A Powerful AI-Powered Photo Editing Tool

Google Photos has announced a new experimental feature called Magic Editor that uses generative AI to help users make more complex edits to their photos. The feature will allow users to make all the edits they want, including Photoshop-level changes, and do so seamlessly.[0] Magic Editor will use machine learning to help users make basic edits such as removing items from photos that cannot be removed with the Magic Eraser, brightening dull images, moving the subject, or removing clouds from the sky. The feature is much more powerful compared to Magic Eraser, and will be available on select Pixel phones later this year.[1] The tool will generate new content to fill in gaps in the photo or even reposition the subject for a better-framed shot.[2]

The Magic Editor will offer the option to edit specific parts of the image, such as the foreground or background, or even fill gaps in the photograph. In a showcased example, a person in front of a waterfall was edited using Magic Editor.[3] Other people in the background were removed, and the person was repositioned for a more appealing composition.[4] Users will also be able to remove unwanted objects, with Google citing the ability to remove a visible bag strap to make the image more photogenic.[5]

Google has said that the tool is still in an experimental stage and results may not always be as expected.[6] After the initial launch, Google will consistently enhance the feature to ensure it provides more reliable outcomes before it becomes available to more users.[6] It's not yet clear if Magic Editor will be available on all devices or limited to Pixel phones.[7]

While Google Photos already has Magic Eraser to remove unwanted subjects, and Photo Unblur to sharpen pictures, Magic Editor takes things a step further by adding content that was never there in the first place.[8] The tool makes it easier for users to manipulate shots with editors like Adobe's Photoshop.[9]

The Google Photos app's editing experience on tablets is currently the same as the editor on phones but stretched out.[10] However, an upcoming update will make the user interface better suited for bigger screens.[11] The new design is being tested internally, and people can't test it out yet as it is currently in a hidden state.[11]

While the Magic Editor is an exciting new development in photo editing technology, Google has said that while the new, experimental technology will open up exciting editing possibilities, there might be times when the result isn't exactly what users imagined.[12] Feedback will be important in helping Google improve the feature over time to deliver the best possible edits.

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