Google TV Unveils Major Update: Easier Home Screen Experience Awaits

Google TV has released a significant update to their Home Screen, making it more user-friendly.

Google is rolling out a major update to its Google TV interface today, bringing several improvements to make streaming on the platform easier. The update includes four new content pages for family, Español, movies, and shows, as well as new navigation adjustments, such as a new quick settings button, relocating the profile switcher, and moving the search bar to the far right of the screen.

The new content pages, which can be found under the apps row on the For You tab, provide access to the best entertainment options in the categories of Movies, Shows, Family, and Español.[0] On the Family page, you will find suggested content rated PG or lower, so that the whole family can watch together.[1] Welcome to the Español page, your go-to destination for the most amazing Spanish-language entertainment! We offer a wide selection of movies and shows, telenovelas, and live TV. You have access to well-known Spanish apps like Pantaya and FlixLatino, in addition to a collection of films and TV shows that are available in both dubbed and subbed versions.

The Movies page enables movie lovers to browse through thousands of movies by title, genre, or topic.[2] It’ll also give you personalized recommendations for movies you might like, along with new releases and top trending flicks.[2] Similarly, the Shows page allows you to search for and access your favorite shows as well as discover new releases and get recommendations for other shows.[2]

These updates are rolling out globally today to the Chromecast with Google TV (4K and HD) and TVs that run the Google TV software, like those from Sony, Hisense, and TCL.[1] The company also stated that it is adding a new Android homescreen widget to the Chromecast with Google TV 4K, which will allow users to access the Google TV interface and content quickly.[1]

Overall, this looks like a nice clean up update for Google TV, which should make navigation and content discovery much simpler. So, if you own a Google TV device, be sure to update it to take advantage of these new features.[3]

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