Introducing the Beats Studio Buds+: Enhanced Sound Quality, ANC, and Battery Life

Beats, a subsidiary of Apple, has announced the release of its new line of earbuds, the Beats Studio Buds+.[0] The new earbuds are a revamp of the previous Studio Buds, with improvements in call performance, active noise cancellation (ANC), transparency, and battery life. The enhancements alone make for a worthy upgrade that could make them one of the best wireless earbuds in 2023.[1] Beats has also added new colors to the mix, including Black and Gold, Ivory, and Transparent.[1]

The Studio Buds+ feature custom-built transducers with a new two-layer design to deliver cleaner bass with ultra-low distortion, resulting in improved sound quality.[2] The battery life has also been significantly improved, with the earbuds able to muster six hours of use with ANC or transparency mode on with three additional charges in the case. Turn noise cancellation and ambient sound off, and you can get up to nine hours in one go (up to 27 additional hours with the case).

The Studio Buds+ caters to both Apple and Android users, providing a range of native features for seamless compatibility. Apple users can enjoy several benefits, including one-step pairing, the activation of “Hey Siri” and integration with Find My.[3] Among other features, Android users can benefit from the functionalities of Google Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Find My Device.[4]

The Studio Buds+ also integrate with Apple products—one-touch pairing, iCloud pairing, Find My, name customization—but have the added bonus of keeping functionality with Android, as long as the Beats app is installed. Although one-touch pairing, Android ecosystem pairing, audio switching, and Find My Device are built-in Android capabilities, name customization and button assignments can be accessed through the Beats app.[5]

Beats promises improved battery life with the Studio Buds+ over the previous model.[6] With either ANC or transparency mode on, the new earbuds can last up to six hours and can be recharged three times using the case. By disabling noise cancellation and ambient sound, you can enjoy uninterrupted usage for up to nine hours, and with the case, up to an additional 27 hours. The buds themselves provide an extra hour of usage, while the case adds 11 more hours.[7] The improvement is noteworthy, and in my trials, it proved to be a precise reflection of battery efficiency.[7]

The active noise cancelling (ANC) and transparency modes have been enhanced thanks to new mics, a new chipset, three new vents to decrease pressure and improve audio quality though increased air movement.[8] The microphones that are three times larger are expected to enhance the quality of calls as well.[9] There are a few design enhancements—a second-generation Beats Proprietary Platform chip, a new front venting design, and improved microphones—that give the Beats Studio Buds + better ANC and more natural sounding Transparency.

Beats has long had a reputation for adding bass gravitas to the sound of whatever you're listening to, and the Studio Buds+ are no exception.[10] The general tuning present is a commendable combination of high, mid, and low frequencies, each distinct and capable of easily piercing through the overall sound mix.[7] Despite their heavy bass, songs like Underoath's “Damn Excuses” have a relatively neutral sound.[7] The pulsating thump of the kick drum and the forceful bass line do not dominate the rough, distorted guitars, supporting vocals, or the understated synthesizer and keyboard elements beneath.[7]

The Studio Buds+ are available starting today in black/gold, ivory and transparent color options for $170.[11] Currently, the recently launched model is available for purchase at Apple stores located in the United States, Canada, and China.[7]

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