PUBG Celebrates 6th Year Anniversary with Abundant Rewards

PUBG has just released its 6th year anniversary event with an abundance of rewards up for grabs.[0] Players can earn rewards for logging in on consecutive days and playing matches of Intense Battle Royale.

Players can collect Contraband Coupons on days 5, 6, and 7 with 10 coupons given on days 5 and 6, and 20 coupons given on day 7. Additionally, 5 coupons can be earned on day 3, 5 on day 5, and 5 on day 6. On day 1 and 2, players can earn 1 and 2 coupons respectively.

Playing 4 matches of Intense Battle Royale will earn players the Ezpz Spray, and 3 matches will earn them a Key x1.[1] Additionally, surviving 30 minutes total will earn players a Key x1, and surviving 60 minutes total will earn them 40 points.[1]

Players can also get rewards from the 6th-Year Point Shop. 40 points will earn them a 6th Anniversary Jacket, 30 points will earn them 6th Anniversary Shorts, 20 points will earn them 6th Anniversary Fingerless Gloves, and 10 points will earn them 6th Anniversary Boots, Credit x100, and Polymer x100.[0]

The 6th-Year IBR Duties and Chicken Dinner Weekend also feature rewards such as Hunter’s Chest x1, Survivor-in-Training Hoodie, Peculiar Greeting (Emote) and 5,000 BP. Logging in on day 2 will give players the Summer Surf – Mini14 and logging in on day 3 will give them the Lv.1[0] Slick Highside Backpack.[0] Finally, playing on day 4 will give players Key x2.[0]

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