WhatsApp Introduces Editing Feature for Sent Messages

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that allows users to edit messages on the app.[0] The feature will allow users to fix typos and make other changes to messages even after they have been sent.[1] Over the past few times, WhatsApp has incorporated numerous fresh aspects, such as a novel security level named Chat Lock that empowers users to safeguard their conversations through a password or biometric authentication.[2] In the beginning of this month, the corporation commenced beta testing of a Wear OS application that facilitates direct chatting from the wrists of users of gadgets such as the Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5.[2]

To use the new edit feature, users need to long-press on a sent message and choose “Edit” from the menu for up to 15 minutes after.[3] Once you make changes to a message, the recipient will be informed with a clear “edited” label, while keeping the entire edit history undisclosed. If a message has been edited, a notice that says “edited” will appear next to it. However, the record of the changes made to the message will not be available to users, so they will not be able to see the original content of the post before it was modified. You can locate the modified tag adjacent to the timestamp.[4]

Users have a time frame of fifteen minutes after sending a message to make alterations to it, thanks to the new feature.[5] The modified messages will display “edited” to the recipients, informing other users that the message has been altered. According to WhatsApp, the messages and any changes made to them will remain protected by end-to-end encryption.

Last year, Twitter introduced the ability to edit tweets to a specific group of users, similar to competing apps such as Telegram and Signal that already offer message editing.[6] Subscribers to Twitter Blue service can take advantage of the editing feature, which allows them to make changes to their tweets within a 30-minute timeframe after sending them.[7]

The feature has already started rolling out globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.[8] WhatsApp said, “We’re excited that you’ll now have more control over your chats, such as correcting misspellings or adding more context to a message.”

WhatsApp's edit feature is expected to be popular among users, who will appreciate the ability to fix typos and make other changes to their messages after they've been sent.[9] With the end-to-end encryption, users can feel secure that their messages and edits are protected and private.

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