Apple Brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad: A Game-Changer for Content Creators on the Go

Apple has announced that it will be bringing Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad, providing users with a powerful suite of professional video and audio editing tools that they can take with them on the go. The move is a significant one for Apple, as it positions the iPad as a viable tool for content creators who require the power and flexibility of professional editing software.

Final Cut Pro for iPad introduces an all-new touch interface and intuitive tools, unlocking new workflows for video creators. A new jog wheel makes the editing process easier than ever, and enables users to interact with content in completely new ways.[0] By utilizing Multi-Touch gestures, individuals can easily navigate the Magnetic Timeline, relocate clips, and execute precise frame edits with a single finger tap. This level of immediacy and intuition enables them to elevate their creativity to unprecedented levels.[1] With Pro Camera Mode, users can shoot high-quality videos in portrait or landscape orientation, monitor audio and recording time, and manually control settings like focus, exposure, and white balance. Multicam video editing allows for the synchronization and editing of clips, while also enabling users to effortlessly switch between angles in a multicam clip using a simple finger gesture.[2]

Meanwhile, Logic Pro on iPad comes with some of the same touch-friendly features, allowing users to take advantage of multi-touch gestures to play software instruments and interact with controls.[3] It also has a new sound browser that uses “dynamic filtering” to help users discover different types of sounds, with options for instrument patches, audio patches, plug-in presets, samples, and loops.[4] Using Multi-Touch gestures, music makers have the ability to effortlessly operate software instruments, manipulate controls, and easily navigate intricate projects with the help of pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll.[5] By placing the most essential controls within reach of the user, Plug-in Tiles facilitate the swift manipulation of sound.[1] iPad users can easily record voice or instrument recordings using the device's built-in microphones. Additionally, iPad Pro comes equipped with five high-quality microphones, allowing users to transform any location into a professional recording studio.[6] Creators can also make precision edits and draw detailed track automation with the Apple Pencil and connect a Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard to utilize key commands that speed up production.[1]

Both apps will be available on the App Store from Tuesday, May 23, and will be sold on a subscription basis, each costing either $4.99/£4.99 a month or $49/£49 for a year; users can try out the apps for free for one month.[7] Both require iPadOS 16.4 or later, but their hardware requirements are slightly different: Logic Pro is available on any iPad with an A12 Bionic chip or better, but Final Cut Pro requires an M1 chip or better.[8] This implies either an iPad Pro released within the last two years or the newest iPad Air.[8]

Crucially, Apple says that Logic Pro for iPad is compatible with the Mac version via its “roundtrip capabilities” – making it easy to move projects between Logic Pro for Mac and iPad.[9] Finished songs can be exported by iPad users in a diverse range of compressed and lossless audio formats, along with separate audio track stems. Music creators can make a soundtrack in Logic Pro for iPad and export it into Final Cut Pro for iPad, providing incredible flexibility for working across music and video. Users can elevate their music to the professional level with advanced features and workflows, as Logic Pro for iPad allows them to access and edit projects made in GarageBand for iOS.[10]

There is also speculation that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on Apple's upcoming AR Headset, which would extend the reach of these powerful editing tools even further.[11] According to information shared by analyst Mark Gurman in a tweet, it is a “very real possibility” that the software will make its way to the AR Headset.[11] This move would position the headset as a powerful tool for content creators who require the power and flexibility of professional editing software on the go.

Overall, the addition of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad is a significant development for content creators who require the power and flexibility of professional editing software on the go. With features like Pro Camera Mode, Multicam Video Editing, and Roundtrip Capabilities, these apps provide creators with a suite of powerful tools that they can use to create professional-quality content anywhere, anytime.

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