Google Expands AI Integration Across Its Entire Product and Service Portfolio

Google is set to expand its AI integration across its entire product and service portfolio, starting with Gmail and Google Docs.[0] The search engine giant has signed a flurry of AI startups to help develop the integration of the technology into its cloud services.[0] English language users in the US are projected to have the AI-powered Workspace suite available to them by the end of the month, with more languages and regions to follow in the foreseeable future.[1]

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said in a blog post that he is “so excited by the potential of generative AI, and the opportunities it will unlock — from helping people express themselves creatively, to helping developers build brand new types of applications, to transforming how businesses and governments engage their customers and constituents.”[2] Google is building its products within the bounds of its AI Principles, which are as legally binding as the company's old “Don't be evil” motto.[3]

Google Workspace users will now be able to leverage the new AI tools to rapidly generate drafts of documents.[4] They will simply type a topic they'd like to write about, and the AI will instantly generate a draft.[5] Collaborators can then refine and edit the output, getting more suggestions as needed.[5]

Google has been running trials of a rephrasing tool in Docs and Gmail that can take small portions of your written work and generate various other styles of writing.[4] As an example, you could transform your brief meeting notes into a more refined summary with only one click.[4] Google's announcement includes possibilities such as formalizing, expanding, simplifying, creating bullets, and the “I’m feeling lucky.” option.[4]

Google is also introducing a new PaLM API, which will allow developers to build on Google’s “best” LLM models.[6] Google announced in a blog post that their new AI tools for Workspace apps will first be available to a “limited set of trusted testers” before being released to the general public. Testers should anticipate the rollout of features in the upcoming weeks.[5]

The company is also expanding its AI ecosystem and specialized programs for technology partners, AI-focused software providers, and startups, such as auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization in Sheets. The new AI tools will become available to testers from the Trusted Tester program already this month. No exact dates have been revealed yet, however the release for all users will be at a later point in time.[7]

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