Google One Subscribers Can Now Access Magic Eraser and Other Editing Tools on Google Photos

Google announced in an official blog post on Thursday that the Magic Eraser feature will be rolling out to Google One subscribers who use the Google Photos app on their Android devices. The feature will also be available for Apple iOS users, along with all Pixel users.[0] Users meeting the qualifications can go to the Google Photos app, tap the Tools tab, and choose Magic Eraser to start it. When viewing the image in full screen, you can access a Magic Eraser shortcut.[0]

Google's Magic Eraser has been an exclusive feature of the Pixel 6 and 7 series since its release. Beginning today, the Magic Eraser, HDR effect, and collage editor are all accessible through Google One, the Pixel 5a, and a variety of other earlier versions.[1] In the upcoming weeks, all plan members will have access to Google Photos' Magic Eraser tools, regardless of whether they use Apple iOS devices or not.[2]

To use Magic Eraser on your Pixel device, open Google Photos, select the image, and then tap Edit > Tools > Magic Eraser. You can also circle or brush other things you want to erase and the tool will make them disappear.[3] Using Magic Eraser, you can change the color of objects in your photo to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the photo, making sure the focus remains on the important elements.[4]

For those with Google One membership and Pixel users, Google is introducing some new editing tools to Photos, building on the progress made in the last couple of years.[5] Subscribers now have access to a new HDR video effect, which is analogous to the HDR effect for photos. This effect works to balance out the lighter and darker elements in any given clip.[6] One members and Pixel owners will both have access to new collage Styles, and all Photos users will be able to apply Styles to a single photo in a collage.[6]

Google One members who wish to have their photos printed in a variety of sizes can benefit from free shipping on their orders from the print store in Canada, the UK, the US, and the European Union.[7] Lastly, any individuals who are not subscribed to Google One can start their free trial of Google Photos to access these features in early March.[7]

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