Google Races to Catch Up with AI Competitors, Introducing New AI-Powered Features for Gmail and Google Docs

Google is pushing into the AI race with the introduction of new generative AI capabilities in Google Cloud and Google Workspace.[0] The company announced the launch of the PaLM API for developers, as well as new AI-powered features for Gmail and Google Docs.[1]

The PaLM API comes with MakerSuite, a tool that allows developers to experiment with the model and fine-tune its output.[2] It also includes an intuitive low-code tool that develops code based on examples provided by developers.[3] These solutions will be available to select users and their pricing models are yet to be disclosed.[3]

Google is also introducing AI features to its Workspace tools, including Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.[4] In Gmail, users can type a topic they want to write about and a draft will be instantly generated. In Google Docs, users can type a few words about a topic they want to write about, and the AI will generate a draft. Google Sheets will also generate formulas autonomously, and Slides will autogenerate images and video.

Google is committed to making AI accessible to everyone, and is investing in its AI ecosystem with a series of specialized programs for technology partners, AI-focused software providers, and startups.[1] The company is also building out its products within the bounds of its AI Principles, which are as legally binding as the company's old “Don't be evil” motto.[5]

The features are expected to roll out to English language users in the US by the end of the month with additional languages and regions arriving in the near future.[5] These features are meant to enhance and assist rather than replace, as Google has stated “AI is no replacement for the ingenuity, creativity, and smarts of real people.”[5] It’s important to remember to review and edit whatever the AI generates.[6]

Google's announcement comes as tech companies race to launch new AI features amid the frenzy following the launch of the ChatGPT chatbot last year.[7] Google is conducting trials of the new features with a select group of users, and they plan to expand the testing group in the upcoming weeks.[4]

Google is looking to catch up to competitors in the new AI race, as OpenAI launched the latest version of ChatGPT and partnered with Microsoft to bring OpenAI's generative AI technology to Bing and Edge.[8]

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