Introducing the HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand: An Apple-Certified MagSafe Wallet with Find My Functionality

Today, leading tech accessories' brand ESR announced the launch of its HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand, the world’s first MagSafe wallet with full Apple-certified Find My functionality.[0] With a built-in Apple-certified Bluetooth Find My module, the HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand enables users to track their wallet in real-time, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications, regardless of whether it is attached to the phone or not.[1] The wallet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and is available now exclusively for the Super Early Bird price of just $27.

The HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand offers a number of features that make it distinct from Apple’s own MagSafe wallets.[2] For one, its magnets are more than twice as strong as those used in the official MagSafe Wallet, providing users with total peace of mind when carrying their credit cards and ID.[1] It also includes a finger loop for a secure grip, a card slot that can hold 1-3 cards, and an adjustable stand for viewing content on the go.

The wallet is constructed of two flaps with a hinge at the top, allowing the card portion to swing out and act as a kickstand, providing support for the iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode.[0] The specially designed card slot features an inner dynamic tension spring and a notch at the base, making it easier to push cards out with your thumb.

Additionally, those looking to get their hands on an Apple MagSafe charger or leather wallet with MagSafe can do so for a discounted price right now.[3] Woot is offering various Apple accessories with prices starting as low as $10, while Amazon has marked down the official MagSafe Leather wallet to just $26.99.[3]

The HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand can now be purchased exclusively on Kickstarter for an amazing Super Early Bird price of only $27! With its unique features and Apple-certified Find My support, the wallet offers an ideal way to keep your ID and credit cards close at hand.[4]

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