Stay Connected No Matter Where You Go with the Motorola Defy Satellite Link

This week, Motorola unveiled the Defy Satellite Link, a Bluetooth-powered accessory that allows users to access Bullitt’s Satellite Connect service.[0] The device is compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone and is designed to be durable, making it perfect for camping trips, weekend getaways, or any situation in which you may find yourself out of range of cellular service.

The Defy Satellite Link uses MediaTek's latest chipset, which allows it to access geostationary satellites for continuous coverage.[1] The device is paired with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app, which enables users to send and receive two-way messages.[2] If the recipient does not have the app, they will receive an SMS message instead.[3] Additionally, subscribers to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger service benefit from a twelve month free of charge trial of SOS Assist, providing 24/7 access to emergency response centers provided by FocusPoint International.[4]

The Motorola Defy 2, which is essentially the same device as the Cat S75 but with some RF configuration and software changes, will be available from Q2 2023 from selected operators across North America, Latin America and Canada, and will be priced from $599 including 12 months of SOS Assist.[5] The Defy Satellite Link will be available from Q2 2023 across international retailers, and will come at around $99 for the device only.[6] A package comprising of a 12 months subscription to Essentials Messaging service plan (with the capability to send up to 30 two-way messages per month, plus the SOS Assist feature) starts at $149.[7]

Meanwhile, Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek have all announced their own solutions for satellite communication in smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone 14 line the first to offer this technology.[8] The feature is becoming increasingly popular, and it looks like more phones will come with satellite support in the near future.[9]

The Defy Satellite Link is a great option for those who want to stay connected no matter how far they are from a cellular service. It is also great for those who want to access emergency services, as it comes with the SOS Assist feature. With the launch of the Defy Satellite Link, Motorola is creating new possibilities for those who want to stay connected, even when they are off the grid.

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