Super Mario 64 Speedrunner Achieves the ‘Impossible’ 1-Up Mushroom Without Dying

For 27 long years, Super Mario 64 players have been trying to find a way to obtain the seemingly “impossible” 1-Up mushroom found in the Cool, Cool Mountain slide level without dying.[0] Finally, after all this time, one speedrunner has managed to do it.[1]

Youtuber PaLiX _ recently shared a video of himself obtaining the 1-Up mushroom without dying in the process.[2] His method involves throwing Mario beyond the game's level and letting him free fall to the finish line.[3] Once there, he must wall jump between two walls for an hour and a half, until he is in the perfect position to grab the 1-Up.[4]

The achievement has been met with praise from the Super Mario 64 community, as it was thought to be impossible for so long. The Reddit post about it attracted numerous comments from amazed fans. Even though this was done through a tool-assisted speedrun, it is still a remarkable feat.[0]

Super Mario 64 is a classic game that continues to delight speedrunners to this day.[1] It was the first Mario game to feature 3D gameplay, and was released to critical acclaim upon its release.[5] It has since gone on to become one of the most famous video game titles ever made.[5] PaLiX _'s discovery of the Impossible 1-Up is just another testament to the game's enduring legacy.

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