Americans More Interested in Deleting Instagram than Facebook: VPNOverview Analysis

In the last six months, searches for how to delete or deactivate Instagram have skyrocketed, according to a new analysis of search trends from the cyber security website VPNOverview. The data shows that more than 900,000 searches have been made in the United States alone, more than double the searches for deleting or deactivating Facebook, which came second in the analysis.

The analysis, conducted by VPNOverview, looked at the top 30 most popular apps to see which ones Americans were most interested in deleting. Social media apps made up the top four, with Instagram taking the lead with 900,120 searches coast-to-coast.[0] Facebook came in second with 385,410 searches, followed by Snapchat at 217,400, Twitter at 92,490, and Telegram at 24,819.[1] TikTok, on the other hand, had a “marginal delete search” with just over 14,000 searches.[2]

The data also shows that searches for ‘deactivate Instagram' rose by 2,400 per cent, peaking on February 19, whereas ‘deactivate Facebook' team in the search was increased by 1,566 per cent.[3] This surge can be attributed to Apple's new privacy policy which gives users more control and allows them to stop apps from tracking their moves on the device through the Cupertino-based tech giant's privacy features in Settings.[3] Apps like Instagram, which survive on mobile ad revenue, heavily depend on this type of tracking.[3]

In conclusion, Instagram is the app that Americans want to delete more than any other, even Facebook.[0] The data from VPNOverview shows that more than 900,000 searches have been made in the United States alone over the last six months. While it may be alarming, it is important to remember that this is not a sign of the app's imminent disappearance. Instagram remains the second most downloaded app of 2022, and it looks like it is here to stay.[4]

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