Apple Announces Dates for WWDC 2023: Online Event with In-Person Keynote and Potential Mixed Reality Headset Unveiling

Apple has announced that its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will take place from June 5 to June 9, 2023.[0] The event will be held online and is free for developers to attend.[1] However, Apple will host a special all-day event for developers and students on June 5 at Apple Park. Developers and students at Apple Park will have the opportunity to view keynote and State of the Union videos, participate in the Apple Design Awards ceremony, and partake in other activities.[2] Even though the event is going to be held online, on June 5, developers and students will get a chance to be present at Apple Park to witness the keynote and Apple's own State of the Union address. Space for this in-person event will be limited, of course.[3]

WWDC is an important event for Apple as it serves as a platform for the company to announce its latest developments in its operating systems to the public.[4] This year's event is expected to showcase the latest versions of its iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS operating systems.[5] At WWDC this year, Apple is anticipated to reveal its initial Reality Pro headset. After numerous delays, the headset is reportedly set for an official unveil at WWDC, alongside new software platforms and developer tools.[2] Rumours have swirled that Apple will finally debut its mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023. The device, potentially called Reality Pro or Reality One, is believed to be a stand-alone device with an M2 chip, dual 4K displays, advanced body tracking, and controller-free input.[6] While the hardware may be aimed at developers and professionals (with a possible $3,000 price tag), it could include health features, full-body avatars in FaceTime calls, and wearable versions of many iPhone and iPad experiences.[6] There is a possibility that it will not be shipped until later this year.[6]

The conference will commence with an “a special all-day event,” featuring the usual keynote speech and the State of the Union discussions on the platform.[7] It appears from the language used on Apple's website that, similar to last year, part or all of their presentation may be prerecorded videos instead of a live on-stage event.[7] In the past few months, trustworthy sources have reported that Apple plans to unveil its long-awaited mixed-reality headset and accompanying software at this year's WWDC. In such a case, we anticipate it to constitute a significant portion of the keynote address.[7]

At WWDC23, there is a chance to show support for student developers by participating in the Swift Student Challenge. This program is just one of the many initiatives by Apple aimed at empowering developers and learners of all ages who have a passion for coding.[8] According to Apple, students have the ability to utilize Swift Playgrounds and generate an app playground on a subject that they select. The annual Swift Student Challenge by Apple will motivate students to create a Swift Playgrounds app project on any topic of their liking. The victorious individuals obtain a complimentary Apple Developer Program subscription for a year and merchandise from WWDC.[9] Apple will be taking submissions until April 19, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.[10] PDT, and it says applicants will see their status by the end of Tuesday, May 9.[11]

Finally, Apple is currently developing an updated version of the MacBook Air with an M3 chip inside. There is a brand new MacBook Air being developed with a 15-inch screen. Considering that the M2 chip was unveiled at WWDC 2022, both these items could be prospective options for an announcement at the same event.[12] In the previous year, Apple made significant revelations about their upcoming M2 chip and refreshed versions of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It doesn’t seem all that long since the Apple M2 arrived, and the M2 MacBook Pro 13 and M2 MacBook Air with it, both of those models were launched at Apple WWDC 2022, which bodes well for a WWDC 2023 intro for the M3.[13]

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