What’s New in iOS 16.4: Voice Isolation, Dim Flashing Lights, and More!

Apple has released its latest operating system update, iOS 16.4, which includes a range of new features and improvements.[0] One of the most notable additions is Voice Isolation mode, which now works for phone calls as well as FaceTime.[1] This feature prioritises the user's voice and blocks out ambient noise, resulting in clearer audio for both parties involved in the call.[2] Another accessibility option added in iOS 16.4 is Dim Flashing Lights, which automatically dims the display of videos when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected.[3]

iOS 16.4 also introduces 21 new emojis, including animals, hand gestures, and objects.[4] The update brings back the page curl effect for Apple Books, which had been removed in a previous iOS update.[5] Additionally, three new order-tracking widgets have been added for Apple Wallet, in small, medium, and large sizes.[1]

iPadOS 16.4 has added tilt and azimuth support to the Apple Pencil hover feature, allowing users to preview their mark at any angle before applying it.[6] Apple Podcasts has also been updated, with a Channels tab now available in the Library section, showing different networks followed, and “Up Next” allowing users to resume episodes and remove shows they want to skip.[7]

There are some improvements for gamers, too, as iOS 16.4 adds support for the customizable PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller.[1] Web apps saved to the home screen can now send web push notifications in iOS 16.4, just like on Macs.[8] Furthermore, the update reintroduces the HomeKit architecture update that was pulled from iOS 16.2 due to bugs.[9]

To install the update, users should go to Settings > General > Software Update, and the update should be available for download.[10] However, it may take a few minutes to appear, as Apple's updates can take a little time to roll out to all devices.[11]

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