Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms No Mass Layoffs Planned and Emphasizes Company’s Prudent Hiring Practices and Commitment to AI

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the company has no plans for mass layoffs, despite a second consecutive quarterly drop in revenue.[0] Cook stated that mass layoffs are viewed as a last resort and that the company is being extremely prudent when it comes to hiring, with a focus on finding ways to save money.[1] Cook also expressed Apple's commitment to artificial intelligence (AI), stating that the company has already integrated AI and machine learning into several of its products, such as Fall Detection, Crash Detection, and the ECG app on the Apple Watch.[2] He added that Apple will continue to weave AI into its products on a “very thoughtful basis.”[3]

Cook acknowledged that there are issues that need to be addressed in the AI field but said that the potential of the technology is “certainly very interesting.”[4] He declined to comment on future products but provided insight into how Apple is thinking about AI and how it will fit into its products and services.[4] Cook expressed caution around AI, stating that it's important to be “deliberate and thoughtful” in how the technology is used.[5]

Apple is the only big tech company that has not engaged in mass layoffs, with the company slowing hiring during the pandemic more than many of its competitors.[6] This has put the company in a better position not to lay off employees now in response to macroeconomic conditions.[7] Apple's revenue was buoyed by iPhone sales, which grew 1.5% year on year, while demand for the company's other products sank.[8]

Cook's relatively restrained take on AI comes as competitors Microsoft and Google have leaned into generative AI in a big way.[9] Microsoft and Google have made significant progress in utilizing AI, with chatbots such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing AI dominating the current landscape.[3] In contrast, Apple and Cook's approach to AI appears to be more cautious.[3]

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