Apple to Launch Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC as Tim Cook Secures His Legacy

Apple is gearing up to launch its first mixed-reality headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June. Despite the development team wanting to wait until the device was brought to the stage of AR glasses, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sided with operations chief Jeff Williams to launch the headset this year.[0]

This report follows the departure of design chief Jony Ive in 2019 and the design team now reporting directly to Jeff Williams.[1] According to a recent newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, employees have noticed that operations is increasingly taking control over product development under Cook's leadership.[2]

The Financial Times recently reported that Apple’s operations team wanted to ship a “version one” product, a ski goggle-like headset that will allow users to watch an immersive 3D video, perform interactive workouts or chat with realistic avatars through a revamped FaceTime.[3] Apple's renowned industrial design team advised to wait, wishing to hold off until an AR glasses design that was lighter in weight became a reality from a technical perspective.[4] It is expected that it will take several more years in the tech industry.[5]

The device is expected to be priced around $3,000 due to the state-of-the-art technology included like dual 4K OLED displays and advanced eye-and-hand-tracking sensors.[6] The company expects to sell around a million units in the first year.[7] Despite its hefty price tag, Apple is reportedly devising an expensive ad campaign for the headset.[8]

Rumor has it that Apple is developing a cheaper follow-up to their headset, which could be known as the Reality One. It is rumored to be priced in the range of $799 to $1,599 and will not have all of the capabilities of the pricier Reality Pro.[8]

Tim Cook has indicated he plans to retire within the next decade, which means the headset very well could be the last major product launch of his run as CEO.[9] With the launch of the headset, Cook may be looking to secure his legacy as CEO of Apple and set a new direction within the company that looks beyond the iPhone and expands his influence for years to come.[10]

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