Apple’s iOS 16.4 Update: Voice Isolation for Calls, New Emojis, and More

Apple has launched a new feature called Voice Isolation for iPhone cellular calls, which is aimed at making it easier to have phone conversations even when there is loud or distracting background noise. This new feature blocks out background noise by focusing only on the voice during calls using machine learning to distinguish between background sounds and the user's voice.[0] Apple's latest iOS 16.4 update also brings 31 new emojis, including a moose, jellyfish, goose, wing, and several heart colors, among others.[1] The update also includes an automatic detection of duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library, which can then be removed to tidy up the Library and cut down on wasted storage.[2] Additionally, the update adds new accessibility options, such as Dim Flashing Lights, which automatically dims the display of video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected, and includes performance and stability improvements.[3] The update also includes a new feature for the Apple Wallet, which adds three new order-tracking widgets of different sizes for your home screen. [4]

To use Voice Isolation, the user must be on an active cellular phone call, and once enabled, the feature uses machine learning to distinguish between background sounds and the user's voice, prioritizing the sound of the user's voice for the phone call. To activate Voice Isolation mode, the user must call someone and then open Control Center, tap “Mic Mode,” and choose “Voice Isolation.”[5] When they're done with the call, they can disable Voice Isolation by following the same steps and tapping “Standard” in Mic Mode. [6]

The iOS 16.4 update is available for all iPhone 6s models, all iPhone 7 models, the first-generation iPhone SE, the iPad Air 2, the fourth-generation iPad mini, and the seventh-generation iPod touch.[7] The update also fixes a vulnerability in older versions of iOS that has been actively exploited.[8] As iOS 16.4.1 is being released urgently to address software problems, there will be no beta editions available.[9] It is anticipated that iOS 16.5 will be launched in May, offering Siri the capability to initiate screen recording.[10] The update will also add a Sports tab in the Apple News app. [9]

Apple is expected to announce iOS 17 during the WWDC 2023 keynote on June 5, which will mark the end of the iOS 16 software cycle.[4] Users are advised to check their settings for any pending upgrades that Apple has released to their device and to turn on Automatic Updates in Settings > General > Software Updates.[11]

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