ChatGPT Comes to Apple Watch with watchGPT App

ChatGPT is now available for the Apple Watch, thanks to the watchGPT app. This app allows users to interact with ChatGPT directly on their wrist, with the addition of a complication, if desired.[0] This marks the first time that a smartwatch can enable ChatGPT AI-based conversations with its users and could lead to more wearable brands adopting the same concept.

Amazfit, the US-based wearable company, has created the world's first ChatGPT-empowered watch face.[1] This means that the ChatGPT AI will be available as an assistant on the smartwatch to provide basic fitness statistics as well as to answer your other queries.[1]

The watchGPT app is available as a one-time purchase of $3.99/€ 4,99 from the App Store.[2] It supports English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.[2] It allows users to quickly get answers to their questions or generate longer messages without typing, as well as share the outcome of their interaction with others via text, email or social media.[3] Additionally, users can set the app as a complication for easy access.[3]

Notably, Snapchat has recently released its own AI chatbot, My AI, which runs on the same large language model as ChatGPT.[4] Users should note that due to its experimental nature, the information provided by the AI could be inaccurate.[0]

Overall, ChatGPT is making its mark in the world of smartwatches, with more brands expected to adopt it in the near future.

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