Discord Launches OpenAI-Powered AI Incubator and Features

Discord is now making a big push for AI features, with the launch of a dedicated AI incubator and OpenAI-powered features for its native Clyde bot and AutoMod tool. The AI incubator will offer cash grants and other resources to AI developers who want to create tools for the Discord platform, while OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology will bring Clyde to life and make AutoMod more powerful.

Clyde will now be able to answer questions, recommend playlists, access GIFs, and have extended conversations with users.[0] The bot can be summoned simply by typing @Clyde in any server.[1] AutoMod will also be powered by OpenAI technology, which will help it better understand conversations in context and alert moderators when a server rule might have been broken.[2]

Discord is also introducing some AI-powered features of its own. Conversation Summaries will help users catch up on chats they’ve been away from for a while, and a Whiteboard feature will allow users to collaborate in generating AI art and more.[3] Finally, Avatar Remix will let users remix each other’s avatars using generative image models.[4] The code for Avatar Remix is open source, and developers can get involved by downloading the GitHub code.[5]

Discord is making AI a major part of its platform and with these OpenAI-powered updates, it’s set to become an even more powerful hub for AI communities.

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