Introducing the Asus ROG Ally: The Powerful New Handheld Gaming PC Competing with the Steam Deck

Asus has announced the ROG Ally, a new handheld gaming PC that is set to compete with the Steam Deck. The ROG Ally is one of the most powerful gaming handhelds to date, featuring the AMD Ryzen Z1 Series CPU and the full power of Windows 11.[0] The device is expected to deliver up to twice the performance of Valve’s Steam Deck while supporting most Windows games, as it will ship with Windows rather than a Linux-based operating system like SteamOS.[1]

The Asus ROG Ally is generating a lot of buzz since it was announced at the start of the month. Powered by AMD’s new Z1 series processors, it is expected to deliver significant performance while supporting most Windows games.[1] The device is expected to be more expensive than the Steam Deck but on par with other specialist handheld gaming PC systems such as the Aya Neo Air.[2]

Asus has officially announced the ROG Ally, its first dedicated handheld gaming PC, and it is coming straight for the Steam Deck's market share. Despite confirming the existence of their device last month, Asus has maintained a low profile regarding their latest project in recent weeks.[3] Now that the specs have been made public, it is simple to determine the type of device that the Ally will be.[3]

Despite the multitude of issues associated with the operating system, the inclusion of Windows 11 in the ROG Ally proves to be advantageous to players as it provides them with increased versatility and choice in utilizing the device.[4] The device is also bringing Windows 11 instead of a fancy proprietary OS.[5] This feature enables the console to effortlessly accommodate Game Pass, Steam, Epic Games, GeForce Now, and any other software that can be run on a Windows PC.[4] In theory, this console has the capability to run emulators, enabling both retro and Switch gaming.[4]

Featuring a 7-inch display, the ROG Ally boasts a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.[6] By doubling the refresh rate, we can ensure that games run seamlessly and appear much smoother than what the Switch is capable of achieving.[7] The ROG Ally is lighter than the Steam Deck, weighing in at 608 grams compared to the Steam Deck's 669 grams.[8]

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