What Can We Expect in the Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Nintendo and Illumination’s upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie has fans in a frenzy. From the viral marketing campaign featuring the brother’s plumbing service to the breathtaking trailers, fans young and old are excited to see their favorite characters in action.[0] Since the reveal of the final trailer, fans have been spotting several references to not just Mario's classic adventures but also the more recent releases, including elements from Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong 64 and Super Smash Bros.[1]

The movie seems to be incorporating elements from games outside of the mainline series, such as Donkey Kong 64.[0] It is conceivable that elements from Super Smash Brothers may be included too.[0] Witnessing Mario execute some dazzling maneuvers in the last battle versus Bowser would be an exhilarating climax that would make long-time fans leap to their feet. To provide a fitting climax to the movie, Mario would need to use more than just jumping in the final battle. For ideas, one could look to the Smash games for some possible moves.[0]

The Super Mario Brothers Movie is also taking inspiration from 2017's Super Mario Odyssey.[0] In the film, Mario and his cohorts (and adversaries!) are vibrant and dazzling, just like in the popular platformer Odyssey.[2] A recent trailer also indicated that Mario will be visiting at least one location from Odyssey in the movie, the Sand Kingdom and possibly Tostarena Town.[2]

Liking a tweet with the hashtag #MAR10 on Mario Day makes us feel like we're powering up the tweet itself.[3] The hashtag is being used to promote the movie, which is out in most major cinemas worldwide in April.

As Mario Day approaches, fans are hoping to see some of their favorite game mechanics from the Mario series make an appearance in the movie. Whether in this upcoming movie or in a sequel, fans are looking forward to seeing Mario pull out some flashy moves in the final fight against Bowser. There is also much anticipation over the possible appearance of Yoshi, who has been a mainstay of the franchise since his first appearance in Super Mario World.[0] It would be a pity if Yoshi didn't join the other characters for a full-length movie.[0]

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