YouTube Tests 1080p Premium Video Option for Premium Subscribers

YouTube has recently begun testing a new video quality option called “1080p Premium” that offers “Enhanced Bitrate” for Premium subscribers. This option is reportedly available to a small group of YouTube Premium members, and is said to provide “more information per pixel that results in a higher quality viewing experience”.[0] It should be noted that the quality of the standard 1080p resolution is not being changed, and this new feature is meant to be an added perk for paying customers.[1]

The bitrate of a video has an effect on its overall quality, as a lower bitrate will lead to a more compressed video with some artifacts, while a higher bitrate will result in a clearer image with more depth. The “1080p Premium” option allows users to access videos with a higher bitrate, making it possible to watch videos with better quality. It should be noted that bitrate is just one of the variables that affect video quality; the resolution, color depth and the overall quality of the original video are all important factors as well.

YouTube’s move to put higher-quality video behind the Premium paywall was met with some pushback from the community, as users were losing something that was previously accessible for free.[2] However, YouTube’s new “1080p Premium” option provides an additional viewing option with no paywall for the original free experience. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently announced that she will be stepping down from her role, to be succeeded by Neal Monhan, who has worked alongside her during her term as CEO and as the company’s Chief Product Officer.[3]

Aside from this new feature, YouTube is also testing an “add to queue” feature from mobile for Android and iOS users with a Premium subscription.[4] It is speculated that the “1080p Premium” video option may also put 60fps and 120fps videos behind the YouTube Premium paywall.[4] It remains to be seen whether this new feature will be accepted by the community as a way to access higher quality videos.

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