Apple Set to Launch Mixed Reality Headset, HTC CEO Welcomes Competition

The[0] AAPL is set to potentially launch its mixed reality headset later this year, and competitors including HTC Corporation HTCCY HTCXF are taking note.[1] Rather than being concerned, HTC's CEO Cher Wang is embracing the launch, saying she believes it will be “very soon” and that competition is always good.

According to the Financial Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook sided with operations chief Jeff Williams to launch the headset this year despite internal objections from the design team.[2] While the design team originally wanted to wait until a more lightweight version of AR glasses became technically feasible, the operations team wanted to ship an early version of the product in the form of a VR-focused ski goggle-like headset.[2]

Apple is expecting to sell around a million units of its debut headset in the first year, according to two sources with knowledge of the company’s planning.[3] The volume of the first-generation iPhone and Apple Watch sold in the first 12 months of their launch was greater than what is expected now.[4]

Believed to be expensive (priced around $3000), the first-generation headset includes state-of-the-art technology such as dual 4K OLED displays and advanced eye-and-hand-tracking sensors.[5] It is thought that this device is somewhat bulky and has a limited battery life, with each session lasting approximately two hours.[5]

Apple has been working on VR and AR headsets for about seven years, and is expected to unveil the results of its research and development at this year’s WWDC.[6] As per the recent report, the Cupertino-based tech giant is all set to launch the VR and AR headsets at this year's WWDC where the iPhone-maker is expected to reveal the much-awaited device.[7]

Samsung Electronics SSNLF is also interested in mixed reality, and Microsoft Corporation MSFT already has its MR headset, HoloLens.[8] Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi also took the wraps off of a prototype set of augmented reality glasses.[8]

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs and the design team had a great deal of control over the decisions made at Apple.[5] The design team was serviced by Operations.[5] Under Cook's leadership, operations have been granted more authority and visibility amongst executives.[5]

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