Apple to Launch First Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC 2023

Apple Inc. is reportedly planning to launch its first mixed-reality headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 in June.[0] This comes after a series of delays due to hardware and software issues that the Apple team needed to address before announcing the product.[1] The headset, codenamed N301, is expected to be powered by an M2 Apple Silicon chip, backed by an external battery, and feature several cameras for augmented reality. It is also equipped with a couple of 4K virtual reality displays, and is expected to carry a price tag of around $3,000.[2]

The news of the launch comes from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter.[3] Gurman states that the initial release of the headset, presumably referred to as Reality Pro, will be furnished with the same M2 processor that is found in the most recent MacBook Air, as well as a different chip that will manage augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.[3] Apple is also said to be devising an expensive ad campaign for the product.[4]

Apple has reportedly been working on a mixed-reality headset for seven years, which is said to be the most intricate device the company has ever produced.[1] It is said to have more than 20 billion transistors and its Digital Crown, like the one on the Apple Watch, will take the user from VR to AR.[5]

The company is also said to be working on a less-expensive second-generation headset that could be called the Reality One. This headset will cost between $799 and $1,599 and will not have the same features as the more expensive Reality Pro.[2]

The push for launch is caused there being “huge pressure to ship,” according to a former engineer who worked on the headset.[6] For the past few years, they have been delaying the launch annually.[7] It is believed that Apple CEO Tim Cook sided with operations chief Jeff Williams in pushing for the launch of the product this year, against the wishes of Apple’s industrial design team.[8]

HTC CEO Cher Wang believes that the mixed reality space will see considerable boost if giants like Apple also launch their own devices.[9] “It’s really proven that our direction is correct. Competition is always good,” she said.[10]

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