Final Fantasy XVI: An Epic 70+ Hour RPG Adventure

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2023 and it is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 5 on June 22.[0] It marks a major departure from the series' traditional turn-based combat, instead opting for a real-time action-RPG combat system.

According to game director Hiroshi Takai, it will take players around 35 hours to complete the main story, but with side content included, the game could take over 70 hours to complete.[1] Takai also revealed that there will be over 11 hours of cutscenes in the game, with quick-time events also featured during combat.[1]

In addition to the story mode and side quests, Final Fantasy XVI will feature a New Game+ mode dubbed Final Fantasy Mode.[2] This mode allows players to carry over their stats from the first playthrough and will likely take even longer to complete.[2] There will also be a leaderboard that rewards players with “attack” points based on how well they perform in battle, giving gamers endless hours of gameplay.[3]

Square Enix has also explained that the PS5 is the only platform capable of handling the intense Eikon battles and cinematic cutscenes featured in the game.[4] Producer Naoki Yoshida said that the console's memory and transfer speed are why the game is able to smoothly transition between player-controlled combat and cinematic cutscenes with no load screens or fade-to-black moments.[4]

It's clear that Final Fantasy XVI is going to be a massive game that will require a lot of time and dedication from players. With the promise of more than 70 hours of content, the game is sure to keep gamers engaged for months to come. So if you're up for an epic RPG experience, be sure to mark your calendars for June 22.[5]

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