Roku Launches Roku Select and Plus Series TVs & OS 12.0 with Exclusive Best Buy Deals & More

Roku, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROKU) has announced the features and availability of its new Roku Select and Plus Series TVs, the company’s first designed and built TVs.[0] Roku Select and Plus Series TVs, with a range of sizes from 24” to 75” to suit any room or budget, are now exclusively available from Best Buy stores and as of March 9. Furthermore, the new Roku Wireless Soundbar, designed to provide a wireless audio accompaniment to Roku Select and Plus TVs, will be exclusively available at Best Buy stores and online this month.[1]

In addition, Roku announced the features and availability of its new Roku OS 12.0, which will be automatically updated or available for download on most existing Roku streaming players, smart soundbars, and Roku TVs (including their new in-house branded TVs).[2] OS 12, released in September 2022, includes some new features, as well as enhancements to features that were added in the preceding platform update, OS 11.5.[2] The update enhances the “Continue Watching” functionality and the Roku Mobile App will have a new interface featuring a revamped account hub, a streamlined home screen, enhanced photo streams and an expanded Live TV channel “Guide” button.[3]

Roku has also made a deal with US consumer tech retailer Best Buy to use the retailer’s first-party sales data to target ads on its streaming platform.[4] This marks the first time Best Buy has partnered with a TV streaming platform to provide its first-party data for targeting and closed-loop measurement.[5] Additionally, Best Buy will give shoppers exclusive access to Roku-branded TVs.[5]

Sports programming is set to broaden with the addition of golf and soccer, and in the near future users will be able to customize their Sports experience based on their location, favorite team, sport, and viewing preferences.[6] In addition, CBS Sports, MLB.TV, the NBA App, and NBC Sports will be added.[6]

The company has also announced enhanced Roku Photo Streams, which will now support up to 1,000 images.[7] Users will be able to upload images directly from their phones to a photo stream for viewing on their TV, as well as edit streams and set screensavers.[7]

With these updates, Roku is continuing its mission to make TV streaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.[8]

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