Vince McMahon’s Controversial Comeback: Appearing in WWE 2K23 Despite Recent Scandals

Controversy has surrounded former WWE boss Vince McMahon since last year, when a Wall Street Journal report revealed the ex-CEO had paid millions of dollars in hush money to four women over the past 16 years.[0] Despite these allegations, Vince McMahon appears in WWE 2K23 as a playable character in his villainous “Mr. McMahon” persona.

The WWE chairman announced his retirement from the wrestling company last summer, shortly after the Wall Street Journal report. Stephanie McMahon, Vince's daughter, took over as CEO and chairperson, with her husband, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, in charge of WWE’s creative storylines.[0]

Players of WWE 2K23 can select “Mr. McMahon” in a multitude of matches, including grappling with male and female wrestlers. This news comes shortly after EA and Konami removed Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood from their football titles, following his arrest on suspicion of rape and assault.[1]

Despite controversies surrounding Vince McMahon, reports indicate he has been trying to get back into WWE.[0] He has allegedly used his Chairman power to influence the company, as WWE is up for sale. He has also been spotted backstage at WWE programs, and is speculated to be directing segments.[2]

It remains to be seen whether Vince McMahon will make a comeback in the WWE, or if his appearance in WWE 2K23 is just a one-off. Either way, his presence in the game is a reminder of the scandals that have shrouded his name in the past year.

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